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  • Our measuring instruments

    • Wöhler BC21 - BlowerDoor measuring device for building volume <2.000 m3 ( www.woehler.de )
    • Retrotec QMG Triple-BlowerDoor BlowerDoor measuring device for building volume 2,000 m3 <40,000 m3 ( www.retrotec.com )
    • FLIR ThermaCAM B-335 - Thermography Camera 76.800 Pixel - Accuracy 0.05 ° C / Pixel ( www.flir.com )
    • Wöhler CDL 210 Data logger - problem analysis (uncomfortability, humidity / mold / concentration problems) ( www.woehler.de )
    • Wöhler HBF 420 wood and construction moisture meter ( www.woehler.de )
    • Testo 435-4 - Multifunction meter - U-value measurement - Anemometer - CO probe - Moisture sensor - Surface probe - Lux probe ( www.testo.de )
    • Infrared Video Thermometer PCE-IVT 1 - Dew Point Measurement ( www.warensortiment.de )

      • Experience in construction since 1998
      • Energy experts since 2007
      • Judicially sworn in construction engineer since 2009
    • To person

      SERGEFABER (Managing Director)
      Has been active in the construction industry since 1998, as well as vice president of the Association of Energy Consultants and Certifi- cates. He is also recognized as a civil engineer.
    • Certificates

      • Energy fier d'the future
      • Member of the judicially recognized surveyors for the elaboration of energy consultations and passports
      • Member of the "Jonk Handwierker"
      • Board of the Fédération des Conseillers et Certificateurs Energétiques
  • Successful renovation in 4 steps

    • They have an idea and need a first orientation aid

      � Free basic counseling
      In the framework of a basic consultation, you will receive technical, professional and sponsor-specific information on the following topics: energy, building materials, sustainable building, respect for the architectural heritage, state and municipal subsidies for energy measures, subsidies from the "Service des sites et monuments nationaux" and the housing construction ministry.
    • You need competent partners for planning

      � Energy consulting
      In order to obtain a right to the state subsidies for measures in the energy sector, energy advice is mandatory before the work is carried out. Energy advice includes an on-site visit and a consultation report.

      � Conception
      When compiling the renovation concept, the energy consultant, the architect and the craftsman should work hand in hand at best. If the building is under monumental protection, or if a subsidy from the "Service des sites et monuments nationaux" is requested, this must be included. Look for sustainable building materials and a holistic concept. Depending on the measure, the client can consult an architect, or directly approach a craftsman. If a building permit is required, an architect must be commissioned depending on the measure.

      � Financing
      The energy consultant, the craftsman and / or architect will draw up a global cost estimate and take account of the possible subsidies due to the planned measures.

      � Detailed planning
      Depending on the measure, an execution plan is drawn up by the architect and / or the craftsman. In the case of major conversion measures and if no craftsman has been commissioned, a description of the services and a careful determination of the chronological sequence by an architect is recommended. Think of the insurance companies and estimate your potential self-service right!
    • They need craftsmen to carry out the planned measures

      � Selection of craftsman and order
      If no artisan has been designed for the conceptual design, offers will be obtained from various companies. The architect, the energy consultant and / or myenergy can help with the selection of the most interesting offers and the control of the eligibility. Please remember to submit the applications for funding at the "Service des sites et monuments nationaux" before starting the work!

      � Construction supervision
      Depending on the extent of the measures, the construction management can be undertaken by the architect, the craftsman or the owner himself. In this phase, special care must be taken to ensure a proper execution, the correctness of the materials used and the coordination of the time schedule.
    • They would like to apply for state subsidies

      � The application forms for energy promotion are completed by the energy consultant, the architect and the craftsman. Remember to fill out the certificates of conformity with the tradesmen. The client submits the application to environmental management.

      � Think of the municipal subsidies and housing subsidies of the housing construction authority!
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